Company History
Work and Career

Work and Career

The high quality of our flour will allow each hostess to turn her dish into a masterpiece of cooking
Company History

Unitary Enterprise Borisov Combine of Bread Products of OJSC Minskoblkhleboprodukt is one of the largest grain processing companies of the Republic of Belarus, a manufacturer of flour and cereals, mixed fodders and pasta products under the trademarks "Uladar", "Pastoral", "PastaSolare" and "BAKS".

The parent company UE Borisov Combine of Bread Products of OJSC Minskoblkhleboprodukt produces wheat flour, rye flour, semolina of brand M, concentrates of convenience flour-based food, mixed fodders, rape-oil, and packs cereals.

• Branch "Borimak" – production of pasta.

• Branch "Bolshie Novoselki" (Borisov district) – production of cattle meat and milk, grains, leguminous and horticultural crops.

• Branch "Belany" (Logoisk district) – pork production and processing.

• Branch "Dolginovo" (Vileika district) – pork production.

• Branch "Stolbtsy Grain Reception Site" (Stolbtsy) – grain storage.

• Branch "Gorodeya Grain Reception Site" – (Nesvizhsky district) – grain storage.

• A network of stores throughout the country.

LLC BorisovSmolProdukt (Smolensk) is successfully operating in the Company for selling its products on foreign markets.

The main strategic goal of the Company is producing safe, high-quality and competitive products that meet all the regulatory, legislative and other mandatory requirements, including consumer requirements and expectations, and as a result, gaining profit, that ensures the development of the Company.

WE do work with you and for you. By preserving the traditions of previous generations and applying the most modern technologies, every day WE produce high-quality, safe and affordable products for everyone!


In 1948 a mill with two independent sections was put into operation at the mill No. 18, one of which was intended for wheat grinding with a capacity of 65 tons per day, the other for grinding rye with a capacity of 40 tons per day. In 1956, a flour grinding mill with pneumatic grain transport and its grinding products was put into operation. In 1959, a shop for the production of urea concentrate was put into operation.


The unitary enterprise "Borisov Combine of Bread Products" of the open joint-stock company "Minskblohleboprodukt" is one of the largest grain processing enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, the producer of flour-grinding cereals, feed and pasta products under the trademarks "Uladar", "BAKS", "Pastoral" and «Pasta Solare».


The history of the establishment of the enterprise originates from 1944, when the Council of Ministers of the BSSR adopted a resolution on the commencement of construction in the city of Borisov on the territory of the pre-war location of the "Zagotzerno" base of a flour mill No. 18. As a result of repeated transformations in the process of financial and economic activity, since 28.01.2000 the enterprise is registered and functions as the Unitary Enterprise "Borisov Bread Products Plant" of the open joint-stock company "Minskbluhleboprodukt" (hereinafter - UE "Borisov Bakery").

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