«Уладар» – УП «Борисовский комбинат хлебопродуктов»


Compound feed

It represents a balanced combination of cereal crops, protein and mineral raw materials, microelements, and vitamins, which fully meet the nutritional, mineral, and biologically active substance needs of animals’ bodies

UE «Borisovskiy kombinat hleboproduktov» uses a production line for extruded and granulated compound feeds from the Danish company ANDRITZ Sprout, as well as equipment for the production of compound feed from the Czech company PROKOP INVEST a.s.

Why do you need a special feed?

A deficiency of vinamins, minerals and other nutritional additives in ordinary feed for domestic livestock and poultry can slow down the animal’s development or decrease its productivity

In turn, specialized feed:

increases the reproductive function of pigs and increases egg production in chickens

fortifies the immune system of young animals

increases milk yields in cows

promotes rapid growth and weight gain in pigs

Purchase our high-quality compound feed in bulk to ensure optimal nutrition for your animals