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Baking and desserts

Quickly and easily prepare baking and desserts at home with the help of our recipes

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Honey cake “Pancho”

Honey delicious cake made from pieces of sponge cake, layered with sour cream frosting and prunes, designed for a large…

Chocolate cake

On birthdays, anniversaries, or milestones, sometimes you want to delight your loved ones, even without a specific reason. We've chosen…

Christmas cupcake

Christmas cupcake is an incredibly delicious tradition. There isn't always time or the desire to bake an elaborate festive pie…

Orange cake

An orange paradise for those who love to indulge in something unusual, whether it's gloomy weather or hot outside. A…

Milk pancakes

Pancakes are the perfect snack, a wonderful breakfast, a hearty lunch, and an excellent addition to dinner. Modern variations of…

Cake “Red velvet”

"Red Velvet" cake is a highly impressive and visually stunning dessert: the vibrant, fluffy layers combined with a delicate, creamy…