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Baking and desserts

Quickly and easily prepare baking and desserts at home with the help of our recipes

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Goose feet

Curd cookies, or as they are often called, "goose feet," are the most famous childhood cookie recipe. Those who didn't…


Syrniki are a type of cozy breakfast and snack: in childhood, Mom often made fluffy pancakes from cottage cheese on…

Blueberry cupcakes

The combination of delicious and healthy - what could be better! Blueberries, in any form, are rich in vitamins and…

Honey “Kovrizhka”

The first mention of kovrizhka in Russia dates back to the 9th century. The word "kovrizhka" comes from Old Russian…

Kefir cupcake

With only kefir in the fridge, but a strong desire to treat your loved ones to delicious baked goods? We…

Cherry charlotte

A simple and delicious recipe for a beloved cake: airy dough, tender filling, and an incredible combination of cherries with…