«Уладар» – УП «Борисовский комбинат хлебопродуктов»


External market

UE «Borisovskiy kombinat hleboproduktov» is export-oriented and constantly expanding its sales geography. We are open to cooperaation with international partners from any country around the world 

The company's market share:

over 0 %
export of flour products, produced in Belarus
over 0 %
export of pasta products, produced in Belarus

Among our international partners are major enterprises in the bakery and confectionery industry, as well as trading organizations 

Our strengths include:

Stability and quality assurance

By working with us, you recieve consistently high quality, continuous product availability and timely delivery

A wide range of products and industry innovations

We are ready to offer you more than 30 types of pasta from Groups A and B, wheat and rye flour, cereals, and health food products (bran, wheat for sprouting, wheat germ flakes) on a regular basis. We are also prepared to manufacture flour blends for use in baking and public catering, which will allow you to achieve a consistent and predictable result in the final product

The best terms of cooperation

We strictly adhere to contractual obligations and guarantee that your order will be fulfilled within the shirtest time frame. Delivery terms and payment conditions are individually discussed with each potential partner

High-tech equipment, development and implementation of new technologies

We are constantly searching for new solutions and are pleased to share them with our partners

We take pride in collaborating with every company

We look forward to having you among our partners

Our specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have about the terms of collaboration. You can reach them at the following phone numbers: