International Food Exhibition ‘Peterfood-2022

On November 17, the annual International Food Exhibition ‘Peterfood-2022’ concluded in St. Petersburg. Representatives of 120 retail chains met with suppliers to update their product range. Over three days, 7,000 FMCG market specialists visited the exhibition. Despite the snowy weather, ‘Peterfood-2022’ was lively: visitors, exhibitors, speakers, and buyers shared positive energy and emotions, made new acquaintances, and negotiated cooperation on the exhibition ‘streets’.

As part of the 31st International Food Exhibition ‘Peterfood-2022,’ the ‘CHOICE OF NETWORKS’ competition was held. The pasta products in Group A, produced at our plant, became laureates of the competition and were awarded distinction marks.

During the work at the exhibition stand of the Borisov Bakery, a tasting of pizza made from a flour mixture for making the base of Roman pizza was conducted.

Also, there was a tasting of pancakes, muffins, cupcakes, and biscuits baked from semi-finished flour products. This attracted visitors to the stand and provided an opportunity to demonstrate the speed of preparation and the high consumer properties of flour mixtures.

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