Meeting of the Anti-Corruption Commission

Today, in the auditorium of the enterprise via video conference, an extraordinary meeting of the Anti-Corruption Commission of “Borisov Bakery Plant” took place, attended by the heads, chief engineers, chief economists, and chief accountants (heads of accounting and reporting departments, senior accountants) of the branches: “Bolshie Novoselki,” “Zachistye Agro,” “Dolgino,” “Belany,” “Gorodeyskoye HPP,” “Otrubok,” “Kukhty,” ZAO “Klevitsa,” and ZAO “Turets,” OJSC “Borisov Meat Plant No.1,” OJSC “Swine Complex Negnovichi,” OJSC “Molodechno Bakery Plant,” the branch “BorisovSoyuzAgro” of OJSC “Minskoblhleboprodukt,” the Unitary Enterprise “Nemanitskoye.”

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Chief of the 1st Investigation Department of Borisov ROSK, S.N. Kozlov, and the Chief of the Economic Crime Prevention Department of Borisov RUVD, D.V. Zhartun.

In his opening remarks, the director of the plant, V.V. Miranovich, emphasized that compliance with labor and executive discipline is of paramount importance for every leader of all branches of the enterprise and organizations, the powers of the executive body of which are entrusted to “Borisov Bakery Plant” of OJSC “Minskoblhleboprodukt.” The fight against corruption is a paramount state task. Crimes committed by officials, especially of a corrupt nature, can hinder the normal functioning of the enterprise. During the commission’s meeting, D.V. Zhartun, the Chief of the Economic Crime Prevention Department of Borisov RUVD, delivered a report on the measures taken to prevent corruption-related offenses and their effectiveness. The commission members and invitees discussed key issues for further improving the efforts to prevent crimes by the enterprise’s employees. Following the meeting, a decision was made, outlining a set of organizational and practical measures aimed at preventing crime and corruption within the integrated structure’s enterprises.

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