Mikhail Orda on Constitutional Changes

Mikhail Orda: Changes to the Constitution Protect Belarusians from Unacceptable Approaches in the Economy and Social Sphere

Changes to the Constitution provide reliable insurance against unacceptable approaches to the economy and social sphere for Belarusians. This was stated by the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions (FPB), Mikhail Orda, during a joint meeting of the governing bodies of the Federation of Trade Unions, the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM), and the association of veterans.

According to Mikhail Orda, there is currently very aggressive imposition of false orientations on the Belarusian people and the country as a whole from the West. This includes all areas, from culture, history, and the social sphere to the economy. “We all see how they try to destroy the traditional family institution, how they try to rewrite the history and the truth about the Great Patriotic War,” noted the Chairman of the FPB. “And they already say that it was our grandfathers and great-grandfathers who attacked them with war. If we don’t stand up to this, we understand what it can lead to. You don’t have to look far for examples. In some countries, celebrating Victory Day is effectively banned today, and support for Nazism is openly endorsed. For us, Belarusians, this is, in fact, a betrayal of our memory.”

Mikhail Orda: In the economy, they are trying to impose a Western model, where the priority is not the person, but exclusively business and money. That’s why they constantly tell us to abandon social programs, cut support for large families, switch healthcare to a paid system, and so on.

For Belarusians, believes the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, all of this is unacceptable. Therefore, the proposed amendments to the Constitution contain mechanisms that provide reliable insurance against such approaches in the economy and the social sphere. Primarily, these are provisions about:

-maintaining the social course of the state;

-supporting the most vulnerable categories of people, such as families with children, disabled individuals, and the elderly;

-creating conditions for the development of each individual.

This is very important, as it underscores once again that, despite all the difficulties and transformations that will occur in the future, the social orientation of policies and the economy will remain one of the main vectors of the state.

The trade unions support these directions of further development. They also unequivocally support the thesis of the draft Constitution about the necessity of preserving the historical truth about the feat of the Belarusian people in the Great Patriotic War.

“Together with veterans and youth, we have been working in this direction for many years. And we see that this theme resonates with an absolute majority of Belarusians. We need to preserve and pass on to our children the entire truth about those tragic events, about how our great-grandfathers and grandfathers defended their homeland. This is the common position of all constructive, patriotic-oriented public associations. That’s why today we are acting in unison with them and working together to preserve what is dear to every Belarusian—our traditions in history, culture, and the social sphere,” concluded Mikhail Orda. Representatives of the republican public association “Patriots of Belarus” and the charitable foundation of Alexey Talai also participated in the event.

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