The monument to local warriors of the Ozdyatichi Rural Council has been renovated

The opening ceremony of the monument in the square in the center of the village of Ozdyatichi was timed to coincide with two holidays and an anniversary. It took place on September 16, on the eve of the Day of People’s Unity and before the start of the district holiday ‘Dozhinki-2022,’ which was also celebrated in the agro-town. The monument was renovated at the initiative of the team of ‘Borisov Bakery’ Unitary Enterprise, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022. Nearly sixty years ago, in 1964-1965, in the village of Ozdyatichi at the intersection of Sadovaya and Molodezhnaya streets to the right of the Borisov-Chernevka highway, a pyramidal obelisk was installed. It perpetuates the memory of 222 fallen warriors, natives of the villages of Ozdyatichi, Klypenka, Lavnytsa, Matalyga, Studenka, Chernevka, Zaborie, and Mulishi. Time did not spare the monument, and it began to deteriorate. In the Year of Historical Memory and the anniversary of the enterprise, the collective of the combine implemented a patriotic initiative. The well-known Borisov sculptor Yevgeny Kapsha, who became the author of the new monument, joined the implementation of this initiative. The opening ceremony of the monument was attended by a delegation from the ‘Borisov Bakery’ Unitary Enterprise headed by Vladimir Miranovich, veterans, and the community of the village. They honored the memory of the fallen compatriots with a minute of silence. The honor of opening the monument and cutting the red ribbon was given to the chairman of the Borisov District Veterans Organization, Zoe Makhanek, sculptor Yevgeny Kapsha, and the chairman of the primary veterans organization of the Mechten Rural Council, Nina Kostyukovich. The ceremony ended with laying flowers.

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